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Shecha Agro Industry

Shecha Forest, near Bonga city, Kaffa Zone, Decha Woreda, Yeba Kebele, Southern Region of Ethiopia.

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Our Story

Shecha is a family run farm working jointly with Kaffa community members in the Ethiopian highlands since 2008. Our craft grown Shecha Coffee varieties are single source and traceable. We all work to maintain the integrity of our Kaffa name "Shecha," which means "to protect and to beautify our environment,"

The estate covers 234.6 hectares with four Kaffa Arabica Coffee varieties 74-112, 74-110, Wushwush specialty variety, Shecha local variety. The Ethiopian Commodities Exchange, the official body charged with grading Ethiopia's coffee has certified Shecha's coffee as First Grade Premium Arabica Coffee since 2016.

We offer washed and sun-dried coffee and to date, have exported to Germany, Canada and the Philippines.

We are in the process of offering Shecha freshly roasted coffee for export. Visitors to Addis Ababa can enjoy our specialty coffee in our new Shecha Cafe in Piassa, the historic part of the city.

Shecha's apiary with traditional and modern beehives tends bees that feed on delicate white coffee blossoms to produce uniquely delicious honey. Our Shecha Honey's moisture content is 18% and the honey combs are cold pressed with no heat applied. We also offer our organic honey for export.

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Shecha Coffee Estate has a knowledgeable and helpful staff to serve you.

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With over ten years of experience in the coffee market, we are able to provide you fast and reliable service.

Quality Coffee & Honey

Nothing compares to the great taste of the original coffee bean - born in its true homeland.


Our Products

We hope to share with the world, our natural and pure products developed with thousand year old techniques.



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“This estate is run by an Ethiopian family that aims to provide to the world, the rich, dignified and natural Shecha products. These are proudly tended to under our great forest cover, as it was for centuries past. We believe in the community and supporting all those who contribute to craft growing Shecha Coffee & Honey.”

Elsa Negash

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