Our Story

Shecha gro Industry is a estate established by Mr. Hayal Kassa and Ms. Elsa Negash located in Kaffa Zone, Southern region. It is in a forest long known as Shecha, 1850-2000 meters above sea level and a distance of 14 kilometers from Bonga city and 463 kilometers from Addis Ababa, the Ethiopia's capital city. For the last ten years, this estate has been tended with care and community to produce the best craft grown specialty coffee in Ethiopia and beyond.

This, in light of the fact that our estate is located within Kaffa, where Kaldi, a young Ethiopian goat herder discovered how excited his goats became after eating beans from a coffee plant (Coffea Arabica) in the 9th century; essentially the DNA of original wild coffee and the root of the word "coffee". At Shecha we have worked towards a holistic enterprise by focusing on our social responsibility with the local community whose life has always revolved around coffee. Coffee seedlings from Shecha's nursery were given to our community along with training on appropriate modern environmentally friendly care techniques.

Shecha contributed construction materials for Yeba, a full primary school (grades 1-8). We built a 35 kilometer road throughout Shecha estate to facilitate our work and that of our community. Environmental mitigation efforts include planting of trees as well as the establishment of a large apiary, where bees feed on our coffee blossoms. Organic Shecha honey has been on sale since 2014 and the yield continues to grow along with our coffee beans.


Visitors & Customers Say

We would like to share with you what some of our visitors and customer have said about the Shecha forest and farm.

“I was a dedicated fan of Yirgacheffe coffee before I had the chance to try Shecha Coffee, now my loyalties have shifted for good.”

Mark Henderson IT Specialist

“This pristine highland forest is vibrant with animal and plant life, truly a great place to visit.”

Jennifer Kingsley Photographer

“Watching coffee and honey produced using methods that date back centuries has provided me with an eye opening experience. ”

Tewodros HailemariamCoffee Exporter

“Shecha coffee is rich, wth an exotic taste and I am glad to have found this great product.”

Alberto Cassini Coffee Roaster

“If only to taste that great forest honey again, I shall hike the hundreds of meters up that mountainous forest again. ”

Yeshi Mebratu Commodities Exchange

Our Products

We hope to share with the world, our natural and pure products developed with thousand year old techniques.



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